Monday, October 24, 2011

A Man and His Dog: The Montoya Legacy

"Rafe grew up in a one room shack on the edge of town. He was an only child and spent his time helping his father, Alonso, in the fields owned by another. Feeling bitter when he was forced to move after the death of his father, Rafe secured a small loan from the bank. Adding that to all his life savings, he purchased his own piece of land. With only $1300 dollars to his name and his faithful dog, Cesar, it is Rafe's hope to start ... The Montoya Legacy."

Side Note: This is my first attempt at a legacy. And in honor of pets, I have decided to add the extra challenge of having each generation have a dog that has to have puppies as well. So this is technically two legacies: Rafe's and Cesar's. I am using the Legacy Rules more as guidelines, since I do cheat relationships a bit. This is also a Patriarch, meaning only males will be heirs, dog or human. It is also a trait legacy as each generation heir needs the dog lover trait. Female humans/children are allowed to stay, female dogs/offspring are not. Each generation must live off the land, no "real" jobs. I'm allowing other jobs cuz I've gotten the stir crazy moodlet from always having my sims at home, lol. Those are my rules.

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